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Biosuccess Award of the Year

Catalonia is one of the leading world regions in the health and life sciences. The Catalan biocluster has a consolidated, innovative business fabric that is committed to forging strategic alliances between the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology and biomedicine SMEs in order to develop new drugs and technology.

In recognition of the best agreements and development, CataloniaBio grants the Biosuccess of the year award each year to one entrepreneur. This prize is awarded at CataloniaBio Gala Dinner, the yearly meeting of the sector held at an emblematic site in Barcelona that brings together over 250 noteworthy figures, entrepreneurs and researchers.


Mosaic Biomedicals and STAT-Diagnostica win the 2017 Biosuccess award

Mosaic Biomedicals is a spin-off of the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) and the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) founded by doctors Joan Seoane, Judit Anido and Josep Baselga. In 2016 merged with Northern Biologics Inc of Toronto (Canada) to accelerate the development of MSC-1, an antibody that acts on a protein responsible for cancer progression and from which clinical trials will begin during 2017 in different centers from Europe and the United States. In the same year, the company also signed a licensing agreement with multinational Celgene and obtained almost € 47 million from Versant Ventures —one of the 10 best biomedical venture capital firms in the world— among other investors.

STAT-Diagnostica, created by engineers Jordi Carrera and Rafel Bru, closed its third round of investment for € 25 million, the highest operation of the sector to the Spanish state until today, led by the Dutch fund Gilde Healthcare, in addition to other investors Already existing how Ysios Capital. The company is headquartered in the Science Park of Barcelona and is developing a technology (DiagCORE) that will allow great advances in the diagnosis and classification of infectious diseases. The forecast is to launch it to the market between 2017 and 2018.

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Minoryx Therapeutics and Palobiofarma win the 2016 Biosuccess award

Minoryx Therapeutics, a company based at the Mataró Tecnocampus and created in 2011, stands out for having raised more funds than any other biotech firm in Catalonia —a total of 19.4 million euros— with international investors calling it the most promising company working on minority diseases. The successful round of funding will allow the company to expand its team, above all in the R&D area, and fuel the development of MIN-102, a drug to treat adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD), through to clinical validation.

Palobiofarma, a company founded in 2006 that is also based at the Mataró Tecnocampus, reached a licensing deal with Novartis in 2015 to develop new cancer drugs. Drug PBF-509, created to treat lung cancer, is in phase I trials. Through this licensing agreement, the company will get 13 million euros plus incentives for reaching development and marketing milestones when the drug goes on the market.

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Oryzon Genomics win the 2015 Biosuccess award

In the first edition of the event, the award went to Oryzon Genomics. Oryzon, created in 2000 as a spin -off of the University of Barcelona and the CSIC, is one of the most established biotech located in Catalonia and a good example to consider. Apart from the evolution of the company, its frontier research and international presence, the company received the award for the collaboration agreement with Roche for the development based on epigenetic drugs (April 2015). Oryzon entered 21 million dollars and whether the objectives of clinical and commercial development are achieved, can amount to 500 million dollars, plus variables royalties.

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