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Chemotargets and FDA to improve drug safety assessments


Chemotargets, located at the Barcelona Science Park, and the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA/CDER) will work together under a 5-year research collaboration agreement. The primary objective of the agreement will be to assess the utility and performance of the Chemotargets Clarity® intelligence & discovery platform to predict on-target and off-target activities using known pharmacology and safety data from experimental studies of small molecular entities. 

Founded on 2006 as a spin-off company from Dr. Mestres’ Systems Pharmacology lab of the IMIM Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, Chemotargets offers cutting-edge validated computational methodologies with top-market predictive performance. The innovation strategy is driven by access to state-of-the-art research performed at Dr. Mestres Lab, a leading academic center of excellence based in Barcelona.

More information is available on the Chemotargets website.

Photo: Dr. Jordi Mestres, Founder and CEO of Chemotargets