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Enantia presents new website highlighting offering in asymmetrical chemistry and crystallisation technology


Enantia, a CataloniaBio member, has launched a new corporate website presenting its R&D services and expertise in chemical processes, solid forms, medical chemistry and analytical support, as well as the MaxPHOS technology platform to offer new chiral ligands, its catalogue of commercial products and licensing-out opportunities.

The strengths of Enantia, created in 2003 as a spin-off of the University of Barcelona and led by Dr Joan Feixas, are asymmetrical chemistry and crystallisation technology to develop new drugs, among other products. Thanks to the founders’ extensive industrial experience, Enantia has become an European benchmark supplier for pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology companies for translating scientific excellence into robust industrial-scale processes.

“We can add value to nearly any sort of project associated with organic chemistry, from both a technical and management standpoint,” explains Dan Byrom, Account Manager at Enantia. “What sets us apart from the rest on the market is our know-how of asymmetrical synthesis, latest-generation technology in crystallisation and facilities that allow for top-notch productivity of quality,” says Byrom.

Enantia is currently expanding with a team of 45 professionals and facilities at the Barcelona Science Park, a 400-square-metre laboratory in Esplugues de Llobregat and a sales office in Italy. Enantia has had a key role in a project with Laboratoris Esteve —nowadays in phase III clinical trials— to develop a new generation of pain medicines. Esteve and Mundipharma signed a deal to market this product worldwide in 2015.

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