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Reig Jofre closes 2017 with profits up 14.9%


The pharmaceutical corporation Reig Jofre has closed out 2017 with net profits of €8.8 million, up 14.9% from the previous year. This growth was driven by the positive evolution of the company’s therapeutic, healthcare and technological specialisation areas. According to the breakdown in the company’s report, sales have increased 4.3% and revenue was €168 million. 

For the second consecutive year, the company posted noteworthy growth in non-European markets. In Spain, sales were up 10% and in the rest of Europe, down 3.6%. However, in Asian markets growth was at 23%. In the technological specialisation area, progress is being made in sterile injectables, offsetting the fall in the antibiotics line. 

Reig has invested €13 million in its plants in Barcelona and Toledo to expand its production lines. Previsions include making the leap into the American market in 2019.

Source: ECSSalud

Photo: Ignasi Biosca, CEO of Reig Jofre, at the presentation of the company’s results at the Madrid Stock Exchange © ECS Salud