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Transplant Biomedicals sublicenses a new organ-preservation solution


Six out of ten donated organs fail during the transplantation process due to many factors, including the damage caused by poor preservation during the transport from the donor to the potential recipient. Transplant Biomedicals, a spin-off of IDIBAPS-Hospital Clinic from Barcelona devoted to disruptive innovation in this field, has sublicensed a new organ-preservation solution to a European company to overcome current limitations.

This is the most important international deal that Transplant Biomedicals has closed so far. The deal will represent an income of €6 million for the company. The next steps will be to develop the organ preservation solution and obtain the regulatory approval to commercialise the product in Europe, and the United States. 

A solution to global organ shortage

The competitive advantage that the new organ preservation solution has with respect to other existing products is not only the potential to improve organ preservation efficacy but also to increase the use of organs from expanded criteria donors (ECD). More than 2 million people need a transplant and only 6% of them will get an organ on time. 

More information is available in this press release.

Photo: Ignasi Heras and Carmen Peralta, Co-Founders of Transplant Biomedicals - © Transplant Biomedicals